Thanks to Marlene for this link about the Zapanetera Negra project at Edelo.

Emory Douglas, Minister of Culture for the Black Panther Party, meets Zapatista Mayan Artist in Zapatista territory to create some ART.

ZAPANTERA NEGRAZAPANTERA NEGRA: A multimedia exploration of the artistic and political connections between the Black Panther Party and the Zapatista movements as incubated in San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas, Mexico. To coincide with Emory Douglas’, the former Minister of Culture for the Black Panther Party, residency in its space, EDELO (En Donde Era La ONU), a creative laboratory, will develop an art exhibition and single-issue newsletter. The exhibition will showcase pieces by local Zapatista artists and will explore their artistic identification with the Zapatista and Black Panther movements; the newsletter will pay homage to Douglas’ work in the Black Panthers’ popular press and will showcase new articles and artworks that will explore the connections between art and social movements as manifested in today’s multifaceted world. read more

NYPD Stop & Frisk Ruled in Violation of 4th and 14th Amendments

In a blistering decision issued on Monday, the judge, Shira A. Scheindlin, found that the Police Department had “adopted a policy of indirect racial profiling” that targeted young minority men for stops. Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg said the city would appeal the ruling, angrily denouncing the judge for deliberately not giving the city “a fair trial.”

The mayor cited the benefits of stop-and-frisk, crediting the tactic for making the city safer and for ridding the streets of thousands of illegal guns.

But in her ruling, Judge Scheindlin found that in doing so, the police systematically stopped innocent people in the street without any objective reason to suspect them of wrongdoing.

The stops, which soared in number over the last decade as crime continued to decline, demonstrated a widespread disregard for the Fourth Amendment, which protects against unreasonable searches and seizures by the government, as well as the 14th Amendment’s equal protection clause, according to the 195-page decision.

Judge Scheindlin’s criticism extended beyond the conduct of police officers; in holding the city liable for a battery of constitutional violations, the judge found that top police officials acted with deliberate indifference. She said that police commanders were content to dismiss allegations of racial profiling as “a myth created by the media.”

Citing statements by the mayor and Police Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly, Judge Scheindlin accused the city of using stop-and-frisk as a checkpoint-style policing tactic, with the intent of deterring minorities from carrying guns on the street.

What a huge victory for all of the targeted communities of New York City!

A Tribe Called Red @ The AGO

I forgot to post this link a week ago when Ellyn and I talked about our event with ATCR at the AGO. This is the only pro shot video I have access to from the event, gives a good perspective on the kind of excitement can generate at their performances.


If anyone is interested in seeing more of Bear Witness’ video work, or hearing him speak about his work, follow the links below. As an interesting aside, Bear is the son of Mohawk photographer Jeff Thomas.

Bear Witness

Bear on his practice

Happy viewing!

What is Mobilities?

The Mobile Media Lab in Montreal (of which I am a part) also did a series of short interviews with scholars and artists “What is Mobilities?” like Hemispheric did with “What is Performance Studies?”

The interviews are brief, intended to furnish an audiophonic “snapshot” of the field from the perspective of our participants. Our questions are simple. We want to know when our participants first became involved with mobilities research. We want to know what the term ‘mobilities’ suggests to participants coming from diverse fields, but also a range of locations. We are also asking a specific question of each researcher intended to highlight a central theme in their current work, whether they be artist, academic or activist.

Here is an example from artists Danielle Peers & Lindsay Eales: Embodied Mobility and Emotional Movement.

Danielle Peers & Lindsay Eales: Embodied Mobility and Emotional Movement from on Vimeo.

Hemisexual Party 11 Agosto

Inspired by Leticia’s teeshirt, we are throwing a party this Sunday night in the great art space, Edelo. Edelo is very close to NaBolom, has a dance space and a beautiful garden with a fire pit. The party is to celebrate the finishing of the mural Niko is working on with two local graf artists and to celebrate being here. There will be local DJs. The party starts at 21h.

If you perform and would like to do a 1-10 min piece please get in touch with Magda or Niko.

By donation to help pay for the DJs and equipment.

11 AUGUST • EDELO • 21H 



Segundo Pele | Second Skin: The Embodiment of Activism


(Desvio Coletivo, presenting “Cegos” at Hemi Encuentro 2014, SESC-Vila Mariana)

In January I had the opportunity to work with Marcelo Denny, Marcos Bulhões, and their body art collective, Desvio Coletivo, in a body art installation/action during the Hemi Encuentro in São Paulo, Brasil. For the workshop and subsequent body art installation, we were given the task of re-creating on our bodies a second skin that would represent a social justice ideal that we have dedicated our lives to supporting in the world, making visceral our activist commitments through the very re-design of our bodies. Given a day, we were told to gather our materials and on the day of the action, we restyled our bodies. My materials were flowers, barbed wire, and brown, green, blue, and silver tempura paint, and my activist ideal was very loosely “environmentalism.” We then proceeded, un-choreographed, to walk together and individually throughout the Praça Roosevelt, responding to each other and all those who began to walk with us quite organically, allowing everyone at all levels of involvement to explore the possibilities of what representing activist ideals on your skin could look like. Photo Credits: Marcelo Denny, Jorge Cerezo, and Julio Pantoja)


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Frankenburger-It lives!

Evening all,

I came across this news story earlier today and thought it was timely to what we have been doing/discussing within the course. A Dutch scientist has created a hamburger that was grown in a lab. Apparently it doesn’t taste very good.