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New Opportunity to Join the Zapatista Freedom School

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“A few days ago, Zapatista Subcomandante Moises sent a communiqué with updates about the upcoming Zapatista Freedom School, to be held from August 12-16 in the Zapatista Autonomous Communities (“caracoles”, which is the Spanish name of “snails’ conchs” referring to the spiral of History). A total of 1,700 students from across all the continents will be attending, from South Africa to Canada, as far away to Brazil or Germany. Due to the high demand, new School cycles will be opened in December.

To the ones who cannot travel to Chiapas, the Freedom School Workshops will be globally broadcasted by their special team of Zapatista sisters and brothers of independent media who will be responding your questions via “chat”, but you must have an invitation and a key number. There will be at least two different schedules, one for the Americas time zones and another one for the other sides of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. “We did it this way thinking that in the evening you will arrive home from work and can take the class, or you can take it during the day if you work at night,” they say.

If you want to take the class by videoconference and you don’t have an invitation, please ask for one at the following email address:

If asked, you may explain you are part of Occupy Wall Street’s invitation sent to us (the way you learned about this) and tell them a little bit about our fight! If you are going to take the classes with a group of fellow Occupiers, tell them their names so that Indigenous Zapatistas may have an idea of who is taking these Freedom classes. You will then be sent the password to enter the internet conference.”

Read the full post, “New Opportunity to Join the Zapatista Freedom School“, which includes the complete Zapatista communiqué translated into English.