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The American Indian Community House
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The American Indian Community House

The American Indian Community House (AICH) was founded in 1969 and has become the "neighborhood."  Unlike most other communities in the city Native people have yet to establish theirs in a specific geographical neighborhood.  AICH has become "home" for many indigenous peoples from throughout the hemisphere.  AICH provides various social services and has the only Indian owned and operated art gallery.  Perhaps its most distinctive characteristic is its Performing Arts Department.  New York City is the recognized center for both visual and performing artists.  Many performers eventually find their way to AICH, which can ease the transition to city life or New York City.  Performance and performers have become the cornerstones in AICH's foundation and a way for the community to educate the non-Native public about Indians.

Interview with artist Jesse Cooday,(Tlingit)

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Clip of Rudy Martin, former Public Relations Director

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Interview with Rosemary Richmond, AICH Director

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