History of Native New York

- Badger's Corner
- Indian Summer

The American Indian Community House
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The following are two key AICH initiatives that not only feature the talent and creativity within the community, but also serve as vehicles to educate through entertainment.

Badger's Corner The Badger's Corner was initiated during the 1980s as a vehicle for several AICH departments to educate the public through entertainment.  The Badger's Corner takes its name from the Pueblo legend that credits the four-legged creature for leading the people out of the underworld after the great flood.  The intent is to inform and challenge people to rethink their concept(s) of Native people and their customs.  All performances are presented under the auspices of the Badger's Corner

Indian Summer
Indian Summer is an annual event at AICH and an occasion for performance artists to present their latest works to the community and general public. Performers, whether they are recognized professionals, just starting out, or amateurs are encouraged to present works that are either in progress or completed.