The Mission of the Web Cuadernos

The Hemispheric Institute for Performance and Politics identified a need to develop content online that both crosscuts disciplinary boundaries and invites further debate and discussion of performance and politics in the Americas. This initiative arose from a belief that the strongest resource on topics as complex and broad-reaching as these is one that is flexible and responsive to new developments. Therefore, web cuadernos offer a set of materials and concepts not as ends in themselves, but as points of departure for discussion and exchange between a diverse group of invidivuals in fields spanning the humanities, the social sciences and the arts. The Insitute also houses a small collection of archival materials ranging in scope from scholarly work on theories of performance, to video recordings of the live performance, in several languages, from all over the Americas. In order to make these materials both available to the public, and relevant to larger contexts and debates, we have created web cuadernos. Interested in learning more??? contact us.