Julio César Manfugás Foster
Graduated in 1991 from Cuba's National School of Art. He first danced professionally with DanzaCombinatoria directed by Rosario Cárdenas. Later he joined the group La Danza Libre directed by the North American coreographer Elfrida Wahler, and La Balanza directed by Jorge Luis García, and in 1996, joined DanzAbierta. He has participated in coreography workshops led by David Zambrano, Ercilia López, María Robira, Gabri Christa, Jennifer Monson (United States), Sasha Walls (Germany), Mark Tompkins (France) Sol Pico, María y Pepe Malpeto (Spain), and participated in several international tours to Guadalupe, Martinique, The Dominican Republic, Mexico, El Salvador, Peru, Venezuela, Spain, France, Germany, Switzerland and England.

Marilyn Castillo Laffita
Studied at Cuba's National School of Art and graduated in 1994. She first danced professionally with the group Cuerpo Armónico, directed by the coreographer Regla Salvent. She joined DanzAbierta in 1996.

Urialya Hernández Bancada
Studied ballet from ten to sixteen years of age, when she began her studies at the National School of art. She joined DanzAbierta in 1999.

José Antonio Hevia Carrero
Began to study modern dance at age eleven, at Cuba's National School of Art. He joined Danzabierta after graduating in 1992. He has danced in ten DanzAbierta productions including Retorna, Auto Retrato con Escalera de Caracol, Antogona, Desprendimiento, El Pez de la Torre nada en el Asfalto, el Arbol y el Camino, Chorus Perpetuus, as well as in his own piece, Paisaje del Mar. He has toured in several countries, including Spain, France, Germany, Switzerland, Scotland, Mexico, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, El Salvador, Columbia, Peru, The Dominican Republic and Venezuela.

Odwen Beovides Gonzáles
Began studying folkloric dance at the Professional School of Art in Villa Closa, and after graduating in 1996, danced with the Conjunto Folklorico de Villa Closa. From 1997 until 2001 he studied contemporary dance at the Instituto Superior de Arte and began to work with DanzAbierta in 1998. He has participated in workshops with several well-known coreographers, and has worked with both musicians, plastic artists, and video artists.

Gretta Montes de Oca