ABOUT: DanzAbierta

Marianela Boán and DanzAbierta

Marianela Boán graduated from the National School of Dance in 1971 and in Hispanic Literature and Language from Havana University in 1981. For 15 years, she worked for Contemporary Dance of Cuba as a dancer and a choreographer, where she created a number of works that toured in more than forty countries.

In 1988, Boán founded DanzAbierta, and began to mix different theater styles, while dealing with contemporary conflicts in her work. She uses a language that breaks with the limits of pure movement, reaching out to other forms of artistic expression such as theater, visual arts, music and song, always demanding from the dancers the full development of all expressive channels. She calls her style "polluted dance."

Though the work with her company follows a specific research line, Boán has proven to be very versatile at dealing with the stylistic and technical realities of other companies. She has created approximately 50 choreographies for her company and for others, such as Degas for the Cuban National Ballet, A Streetcar named Desire for Contemporary Dance of Cuba, and The Tree and the Road for Venezia Balletto. She has also created choreographies for films in Cuba, Canada, and Spain. Marianela Boán and DanzAbierta, have participated in numerous international festivals and tours around Latin America, Europe and Asia including Saitama in Japan, Grec in Barcelona, Summertheater in Hamburg, LAFPA in London; Contemporary Dance and Theater Festivals in Costa Rica, Venezuela, Colombia, MÈxico, Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, Martinique, etc.

In 1998-1999, DanzAbierta performed at the International Book Fair in the Dominican Republic, at Chaillot Theater in Paris, the Ludwig Forum in Germany, Theater of Nations Festival in Zurich, Switzerland and toured in Per™, Venezuela and Martinique. In year 2000, they performed at Madrid en Danza in Spain, Fringe Festival in Edinburgh, and at Barnard College in New York among other places. In 2001, Blanche Dubois, Boanís solo was performed at Holstebro, Denmark, and Monterrey, Mexico.

Boán has given workshops, courses and master classes in more than ten countries. She has written several articles for various Cuban and international publications. Marianela Boán has been given awards in Cuba and abroad such as the Choreographic Creation Award given by the National Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba. She has also received various Villanueva Awards given by the Critics Association. Marianela Boán has shared the stages and worked with important international dancers such as Simone Forti, Mark Tompkins, David Zambrano, Jennifer Monson, Gabri Christa, Maureen Fleming, Ranjabati Sircar, Hercilia LÛpez y Pep Ramis and with theatre Directors as Eugenio Barba and DarÌo Fo & Franca Rames.

At present, the company is working on a Broadway project under the direction of Ivan Kronenfeld, with the American composer Byron Janis and choreography by Marianela Boán. Chorus Perpetuus opened on April 20, 2001 in La Havana. It has also been shown in Germany, Great Britian, Mexico, and the Dominican Republic, with an extraordinary response from both the public and specialized critics.

"Marianela Boanís sonorous opening lies on the effectiveness of every element that has been used, on the powerful exaltation that the naked stage evokes from the dancersí determination, on what they leave unmentioned or stated through dance with a very Cuban-like, on-going complicity with an audience that has known how to admire them from an active amazement. Norge Espinosa, El caimán barbudo. Cuba The six artists from Marianela Boanís company, created in 1988, devoted themselves to surprise in every note and scene a public that followed their movement from their seats, connected through their eyes, ears, feet, and hearts." Silvia Ruano. El Norte. MÈxico

"ÖOn stage, there are only six dancers, a linoleum, elastics bands, light designs, the voices, and a very specific situation. Nonetheless, everything flows while the spectacle grows to disproportionate dimensions in order to move the intelligence of the most ingenuous spectatorÖ With her work, Marianela Boan stands amongst the leading works of the Cuban scene. She defies theater with her "contaminated dance," turning each and every opening into a 'dangerous zone' that Marianela enjoys, while dragging us along helplessly." Mercedes Borges. La Gaceta. Cuba ...the group song from Marianela Boán and Co hits a nerve.

"Boán shows us utopia: the corporeality of the collective body, freed from bonds without destroying cohesion. And the public responds with laughing and a 15 minute standing ovation. If there is a new Cuba, it couldn't be expressed better." Adolphe Binder. Ballet-Tanz. July/01. Germany