This site in English is a cultural history of Cuba, focussing on the country’s Afro Heritage, and its content is based upon Afro-Cuba, A Musical Anthology; Rounder Records (1994) It contains a map and illustrations as well as articles and is subdivided in 4 parts, Yoruba Arará Abakuá and Kongo and the different types of music and instruments used by these communities. A very clear and organized site.

http://www.cubaheritage.com/subs.asp?cID=1 Cuba Heritage site. This is an excellent site with many links in Spanish and English dealing with various aspects of Cuban culture. It opens with a brief outline of Cuban history, from colonial times to today “Special Period”. There are other sections on people, literature, art and architecture, music and dance, cinema, food, drinks and tobacco.

http://www.cubaescena.cult.cu/indice.html Cubaescena site, with sections on ballet, circus, calendar of events, contemporary and folkloric dance, events in la Habana and other cities, and (musical) theatre. Somewhat hard to navigate.

Música Yoruba of the National Folkloric Ensemble of Cuba. The site contains songtexts and links

A site in English
An overview of Cuban dance and music. Contains audio clips, pictures and articles. A very informal but informative site. Put up in 2002 by Yo Mambo Music. It also sells Cds

http://www.afrocubaweb.com/eugenegodfried/cubacaribbean.htm Eugene Godfried. “Cuba in A Caribbean Perspective: A critical historical review of the position and role of Cubans of African descent in the process of social change.”

Afrocubaweb. This site, run by volunteers, has been recommended as the best site on Cuba.

A page of links by official Cuban government. In all, there are now over 500 pages of information available on this web site.

A biography of Alicia Alonso, Cuba’s main prima ballerina See
http://www.cubaescena.cult.cu/galeria.html for her pictures.

Another site on Alicia Alonso, in Spanish.http://www.danceheritage.org/cys/index.htm
By the NY public library, contains many links specialized in dance.

This site contains links to many important dance and ballet groups.

An excellent Cuban e-zine.