Fascism a
Fascist Space
~by Nina Mankin


The space of Fascism: where many become one, one people and it is united; one energy and it is transformation; one mood and it is happy; one action, and it is toward intevitable victory.

The image of an empty stadium, the space of possibility where so much power can be galvanized toward so many purposes. Whenever I am in a large crowd chanting or standing or screaming all for the same thing I get a twinge of anxiety, a voice in my head whispering "Brown Shirts".... I have experienced this in football stadiums, at rock concerts, at political rallies, at sales pep rallies; network marketing is big on employing the techniques of Fascism to galvanize a sales force toward the possibility of personal tranformation through "financial independence". Here is a quote from the website of some network marketers in Russia :

"... you constantly feel the group of comrades-in-arms near you. The group of colleagues who hold the same views, share the same thought, breathe the same frequency..."

Energy moves, and that "same frequency" can be turned from comradery to violence. A young woman writes in the Sunday NY Times Magazine (2/22/04) about her horror at the violence following the Superbowl win of her beloved New England Patriots: "When your team wins, you would think that people would come together and be a little bit happier, rather than demolish everything in their way...To see a team work so well together and be so united and then see what their fans could do...to go from watching a game with friends to seeing everything fall apart around you...there was blood everywhere..."




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