Fascism a

Use of Technology under Fascism

Fascist regimes rely heavily in a widespread consensual public opinion. To create and sustain a common ground of shared values, fascism resorts to technologies through which to disseminate propaganda. Radio and film has been utilized as means of reaching the general public so they could feel part of the project that was at the core of these regimes. This enterprise was defined by Roger Griffin as "the fusion of a revolutionary project with antiliberal but populist nationalism." (12)

Leni Riefenstahl's "Triumph of the will", is perhaps the most famous of the propagandistic endeavors.

http://bss.sfsu.edu/jacksonc/H346/H346-G/Nazi-art/Triumph_poster.jpg. Viewed on 5/2/04.

http://cimg.163.com/movie/0208/22/triumph.jpg. Viewed on 5/2/04.


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