Campaña de Autoafirmación Mapuche

Wefkvletuyiñ -Estamos Resurgiendo-

Kay Kay egu Xeg Xeg (RealPlayer)

Video in Mapuzugun with Spanish subtitles (16 min.)

This play is based on the myth of origin of the Mapuche people and is the result of a three-month workshop in the community of Curruhuinca, close to the city of San Martín de los Andes, in the province of Neuquén. The play was written in Spanish by María Paz Levinson based on an idea conceived by Miriam Álvarez and Miguel Leuman. The text in Mapuzugun is an adaptation by Fresia Mellico. This video is in Mapuzugun with Spanish subtitles and is composed of segments of recorded rehearsals, combined with segments of the play's first performance during the First Meeting of Mapuche Art and Philosophy Wefkvletuyiñ (2002).

DIRECTION: Miriam Álvarez / THEATRE WORKSHOP COORDINATION: Miriam Álvarez, Fresia Mellico and Graciela Knesevich / CAST: members of the community.

To see a critical analysis of this play check here (only Spanish version available).