Campaña de Autoafirmación Mapuche

Wefkvletuyiñ -Estamos Resurgiendo-

MapUrbe Communication Workgroup

The MapUrbe Communication Workgroup leads a broad communication project that includes video, radio, and a fanzine. MapUrbe's work in video is primarily focused on the documentation of Wefkvletuyiñ's activities, but also includes some experimentation with fiction. You can find some of the video work in this web-cuaderno. The radio project produces micro-shows that are widely distributed in different radio stations throughout the Mapuche Territory. Finally, MapUrbe edits MapUrbe'zine, a fanzine that is directly oriented toward urban youths, incorporating their slang and aesthetics, and circulating mostly in the heavy metal and punk scene.

As a general objective, MapUrbe aims to work in different media languages. Through experimentation, the workgroup intends to express Mapuche heterogeneity, in order to continue to encourage a conversation about identity in different rural and urban communities. At the same time, MapUrbe incorporates the specific interests of the different activists that join the project. This open orientation prompts our continuing evaluation of our work and flexibility in all the projects.