Campaña de Autoafirmación Mapuche

Wefkvletuyiñ -Estamos Resurgiendo-

Mapuche Theatre Project

The Mapuche Theater Project (MTP) works to create a theatrical language specific to its contemporary Mapuche participants and audiences, with the understanding that identity is performed as much physically as it is verbally. The first two plays of the MTP are Kay Kay egu Xeg Xeg, first performed in the First Meeting on Mapuche Art and Philosophy, and Tayiñ Kuify Kvpan ľour heritage, first performed in February 2004 in Bariloche. Except for the MTP coordinator, Miriam Álvarez, none of the actors have previous theater experience. Each play necessitates a lengthy period of work with local communities and actors. In addition to the work we do with communities and actors in developing, rehearsing, and performing each play, we also teach Mapuche drama workshops for children.

The MTP aims to create plays that could be performed in urban and rural areas across the Mapuche Territory. In this way, the MTP pretends to generate exchanges that would enrich the theatre work and also the discussion on Mapuche identity and present situation as well as the conversation about historical issues.

To see a critical analysis of the MTP plays and the political and aesthetical discussion, check "Notas sobre el Proyecto de Teatro Mapuche" (only Spanish version available).