Issue 1, winter 2000
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The newsletter is intended to help foster collaborations between artists, activists, and scholars engaging the relationship between performance and politics in the Americas. We welcome submissions in Spanish, English and Portuguese.

Mission Statement

The newsletter offers a space for communication between all Hemispheric Institute participants. Whether you are in a Hemispheric Institute course, seminar attendee, or online participant, this will be the place where you can post messages, chat online with featured guests, learn about current news and read feature stories.

Current News

Compiles relevant news from affiliated institutions and individual participants. Announces exhibitions, new books, recent journal articles, upcoming conferences, and activist activities. 

Feature Stories

These journalistic articles focus on artists, scholars, or activists whose work helps promote the relationship between politics and performance. Apart from biographical portrayals, articles will also cover related conceptual issues.

Online Chats and Message Board 

Each issue, beginning in April, announces a scheduled online chat with a featured guest. Message boards are organized by topic and moderated to facilitate discussion. 

How To Make Submissions and Newsletter Publication Dates

Contact us to submit all proposals, notices, and comments. Content is accepted in English, Spanish or Portuguese. We encourage all to contribute to this newsletter! 

The newsletter is a quarterly publication. Our next issue is scheduled for April 2001. 

Current News 

Hemispheric Institute Redesigns Its Web Site

We have just completed redesigning our web site to encourage online participation emphasizing our hemispheric approach. New functions of the site are: improved navigation; tri-lingual interactivity; outreach and communications network via the newsletter; and enhanced accessibility of archival materials via "web cuadernos."

We are currently building our online archive to offer syllabi from related courses. If you are a professor and wish to contribute your syllabus, please see our archive.

Upcoming Conferences

  • At the Meridians: Feminism, Race, Transnationalism: 8 to 11 March 2001, Massachussetts, MA, USA. The Meridians Inaugural Conference will be a convergence of scholars, activists, film makers, performance artists and poets interrogating the identities, politics, and practices associated with 'feminist', 'third world' and 'women of color.'
New Book / Journal Releases
  • Women & Performance: a journal of feminist theory. Vol. 11:2, #22 2000
      "Holy Terrors: Latin American Women Perform" eds. Diana Taylor, Roselyn Costantino. This edition brings together a culturally diverse group of women artists who are "involved in some of the most important aesthetic and political movements of Latin America"(ibid).  To obtain this edition or a subscription to the journal contact: Women and Performance via email Site address:
  • Dangerous Border Crossers: The Artist Talks Back by Guillermo Gómez-Peña. Routledge, 2000. To purchase see the following address at
Online Chat Groups

Join weekly online chats with Argentine artists group: ARGENTORES. See their web site for more info: