Issue 3, Summer 2001
Feature Story
Hemispheric Institute's Second Annual Encuentro

Astrid Hadad

The Hemispheric Institute's Second Annual Encuentro, "Memory, Atrocity, Resistance," was held in Monterrrey, México, June 14-23.  The interdiscipinary seminar brought together artists, scholars, activists, and students engaged in the relation between performance and politics.

The daily events ranged from morning workshops with artists, afternoon academic seminars and panels, and evening performances, featuring acclaimed performers from all over the Americas.

This was the second of the four annual encuentros the Hemispheric Institute plans on presenting.  The annual encuentros are hosted by the universities affiliated with the Institute, which are located in South, Central and North America. Last year's encuentro was held in Rio de Janiero, Brasil, and next year it will take place in Lima, Perú. 

To read about the encuentro from participants, see the articles written by Larry La Fountain-Stokes , Fernando de Ita and Antonio Prieto Stambaugh.(Articles are in Spanish.)

Also, learn more about the Brazil and Mexico encuentros through the multi-media presentations in the "encuentros/seminars" section of our website.


Popular Culture/American Culture Associations
Mexico Meeting of PCA/ACA fall 2001

Late Modern Planet: Globalization, Modernity, and Cultural Studies
11th Annual Cultural Studies Symposium at Kansas State University, Manhattan, KS
March 7-9, 2002



Native American News compiled by FYI.
FYI: News Items of Interest is a daily resource compiled by the H-AMINDIAN
staff. It features a sampling of news stories concerning Native issues in
Canada, the United States and Mexico.

The Puerto Rican Vieques Struggle
Thousands At Vieques Jail Protest

The two articles published here cover different aspects of the Vieques struggle and provide links to the Vieques Libre organization.

Ecuador Under Siege Again
Indian protesters are demanding repeal of new economic austerity measures announced by the Ecuadoran government. 

H-Net: Humanities and Social Sciences Online
H-Net is an international interdisciplinary organization of scholars and teachers dedicated to developing the enormous
educational potential of the Internet and the World Wide Web. See this site to learn of news items, or groups providing information networks, in your areas of interest.

Virtual Activism

Teatreros con Vieques
Puerto Rican Theater Group goes online to protest the US Naval occupation of Vieques. (Article is in Spanish.)

Electronic Civil Disobediance
uses the Internet for political activism. Read about the virtual sit-in for Vieques, the Lufthansa Action, and the recent protest against the G-8 summit.

Critical Art Ensemble
Critical Art Ensemble is a collective of
five artists of various specializations
dedicated to exploring the intersections
between art, technology, radical politics,
and critical theory.

Guerrilla Girls Go Virtual
New York Times article on how these feminist artists and activists have taken their guerrilla tactics to cyberspace. 

Recent Publications and Calls For Submissions

Hemispheric Institute launches web cuadernos: interactive, multi-media archives for pedagogical and research purposes.

New Book Release
From Bomba to Hip-Hop: Puerto Rican Culture and Latino Identity
Popular Cultures, Everyday Lives
by Juan Flores
Reviewed by Jose L. Torres-Padilla

Book on Jamaican Contract Workers

Calabash: A Journal of Caribbean Arts and Letters
Call for submissions.

Requesting submissions for personal essays about feminism by young women of color for an anthology to be published by Seal Press.

Special issue of 'Educational Technology & Society' 
Call for papers: Theme "Evaluation of Learning Technologies in Higher Education." This issue will provide a snapshot of current evaluation research in the sector of Higher Education and will include papers on current theoretical thinking as well as evaluation case studies and empirical research.

Journal of Latinos and Education
A new journal coming January 2002 providing a multi-disciplinary critique of educational issues that impact Latinos.

Traces is a multilingual journal of cultural theory and translation. 

Latino Writers Wanted
Latina editor with major book publisher seeking talented Latino-and especially Latina-writers of English language fiction and non-fiction.

Cuadernos Digitales
Publicación electrónica de historia,
estudios sociales y archivística.

Annual Journal of Urban Spaces: History, Culture, and Design - 2002
Call for submission of articles
The Anuario examines the city and the process of urbanization from a variety of perspectives, including theory, history, politics, geography, economics, as well as urban growth and planning.