6 Fall 2002


Hemispheric Institute
of Performance and Politics in the Américas

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October 26 March surrounds the White House (reuters photo Brian Snyder)

8Domingo Cavallo

Lula Da Silva



Feature articles:




The trials of Henry Kissinger

The Argentinean crisis

P PSi9 Conference


Important news- New York Latino América

  • Spectacles of Religiosities The Hemispheric Institute announces its 4th Encuentro- NY 2003

  • Photo Exhibit NYU Tisch School of the Arts Annual Photography and Imaging Faculty and Staff Exhibition

  • Crisis in Argentina Ignacio Apolo and Beatriz Catani write from the country in ruins

  • Award for The Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics

  • PSi9 Performance Studies International will be held in New Zealand April 2003

  • NY hot movies Bowling for Columbine and The Trials of Henry Kissinger call Newyorkers attention

  • The Incredible Disappearing Woman. Coco Fusco' s new play











  • III Forum Social Mundial Site oficial do evento a ser realizado de 23 a 28 de Janeiro de 2003, em Porto Alegre, Brazil

  • Neverland A short story about terrorism/ a retelling of Peter Pan

  • Parolee For those who love definitions, this is an indefinable site

  • La Barraca Vorticista Performance and mail art from the south

  • The Hacktivist Site Theory and practice of hacktivism and electronic civil disobedience




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