8 Fall 2003



Hemispheric Institute
of Performance and Politics
Editor: Marcela Fuentes



"Yuyanapaq: Para recordar"




















Versión en Español

"Memory, medicine, don't ever forget
that you're the remedy of history
the Alka Seltzer of the past, the aspirin of yesterday"

Memoria/ Mnemosina. Jesusa Rodríguez/ Liliana Felipe

In this issue of the Hemispheric Institute Newsletter, we explore the ways that Human Rights organizations, governments and people across the Americas are dealing with memory, employing different commemoration strategies as they fight for consensual social justice. Gisela Cánepa Koch and Miguel Rubio's articles give an account of the events that constituted and surrounded the final report delivered by the Peruvian Commission on Truth and Reconciliation. Mirta Antonelli and María José Melendo join the discussion from the Argentinean perspective. Performance, theater, visual arts, and political protest are used as tactics of resistance against forgetting and resignation, and they confront the strategies of those in power in their practice of partial justice. Recent events such as the disappearance and murder of hundreds of women in Ciudad Juárez and the September 11th attacks in New York (as well as the escalation of U.S. military force that ensued), are not exempt from the threat of memory-erasure. In this regard, Antonio Prieto and Dawn Peterson share their experiences as members of communities that have turned to performance with the urgency of direct action.


Memory as Action:
Reflections on the Peruvian Commission on Truth and Reconciliation-
Gisela Cánepa Koch

Persistencia de la Memoria- Miguel Rubio

Más acá y más allá de la politización de la justicia argentina- Mirta Antonelli

Arte público en tiempos de memoria- Maria José Melendo

Peaceful Tomorrows- Dawn Peterson

"Ni una más":
performance de denuncia y esperanza
Antonio Prieto








Important News















Comisión de la Verdad y Reconciliación The results of the investigation on Peruvian State violence and the communities that have been more affected by it.

Peaceful Tomorrows Families actively engaged in post September 11 actions towards justice and peace.

Por nuestras hijas Information and urgent actions to stop the disappearance and murder of women in Ciudad Juarez.

Parque de la Memoria A work in progress to remember the State terrorism victims.

Revista Ramona A visual arts magazine. Its issue 9-10 deals with memory and representation.

Good Memory Marcelo Brodsky' project on photography and dis/appearance.

Los Hijos, Tucumán veinte años después Julio Pantoja' s work with the children of the disappeared in Tucuman.

Cultural Agency A project of the Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies at Harvard University.


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