Expressive Culture and Performance

From Wednesday, October 29th until Wednesday, November 5th, 2003 a group of artists and scholars gathered in Cuernavaca, Morelos Mexico at the Centro Regional de Investigaciónes Multidisciplinarias (CRIM-UNAM) for a conference entitled "Expresividad Cultural Y Performance/Expressive Culture and Performance." The conference included performances, round table discussions, keynote addresses and workgroups. The four workgroups were: Theories of Performance (Diana Taylor, NYU/Hemispheric Institute for Performance and Politics), Intangible Cultural Heritage (Lourdes Arizpe, UNAM/CRIM), Ritual and Theatricality (Martha Toriz, CITRU) and Expressive Culture (Hector Rosales, UNAM/CRIM). The group explored the relationship between performance (broadly construed) and the concept of intangible heritage utilizing the practices and rituals associated with the annual Day of the Dead celebration. The conference culminated in a collaborative website including the research results of all four workgroups.

Day of the Dead web site

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