Dawn Peterson*

After the attacks the WTC and the Pentagon and the crash in Shankesville, PA, family members became quite concerned with how their loved ones who had been killed were being used as a rallying cry to bomb Afghanistan. The group was formed out of these peoples' outspoken opposition to the bombing of Afghanistan. When 9/11 was used again to justify a war in Iraq, again families found themselves speaking in opposition to what they felt was a gross manipulation of their (our!) tragedies in the name of what was the imperial agenda of a U.S. elite. Family members have traveled to Afghanistan and Iraq to meet other families who have lost loved ones as a result of US bombings. Also, as you will see on our website, members have been outspoken about the Patriot Act, the removal or civil liberties and the targeting of Muslim populations within the US.

9/11 was a crime against humanity. As a crime, it should be adjudicated in an international court of law, not used as an excuse to target more civilian populations in the name of economic gain, imperialism and U.S. global hegemony. So in regards to "justice," the work we have been doing is to promote what we feel is a true sense of justice after the loss of our families.

Our mission statement is online:

*Dawn Peterson is in the American Studies M.A. program at NYU and a member of Peaceful Tomorrows. Her academic interests include grassroots
social movements, particularly family activist groups seeking conflict resolution and legal justice after experiencing loss through state terror, war, and domestic and international terrorism.


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