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Repent, Ye Sinners…and Buy Nothing!

Buy Nothing Day for Night

In celebration of our decision to Buy Nothing, The Stop Shopping Gospel Choir will sing in front of the Plaza Hotel at 7 pm. Reverend Billy will follow with his yearly "State-of-the-Dollar-Buy-Nothing-Everyday" sermon, and we will hear testimony from The People. Together, we will challenge the absurd international economy --a system that profits so few and controls so many. The Stop Shopping Gospel Choir will remind us how joyous freedom from Consumerism truly is.

Some courageous friends will sneak away and infiltrate the 5th Avenue transnational flagship battalions of Nike, GAP, Disney and Starbucks. These "disguised as shoppers" brothers and sisters are Retail Interventionists: performers and activists staging climactic dramas inside retail space, slowing down those transnational cash registers.

As we walk down the Avenue of Commodification, in festive celebration of our freedom from the painful credit vise, we will move from store to store and greet the players as they emerge and re-enact their interventions in what we call "MEMORIES OF NO MANS LAND"

As always, we will charm the eager shoppers with detailed information about the latest labor and environmental abuses committed by these companies and, in the spirit of Open Source Activism, we will distribute Corporate Karma Investigation Kits for the transmogrified shopper throngs.

Please join us on November 28th, Buy Nothing Day For Night

7PM, at the front of the Plaza.

Rev. Billy



The Favela Goes to the World Social Forum

A documentary film by Fernando Salis and Daniela Broitman.

Featuring 23 community leaders from Rio de Janeiro slums, Brazil' s president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, linguist Noam Chomsky, photographer Sebastião Salgado, filmaker Fernando Solanas, minister Benedita Da Silva, Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez, among other intellectuals, policy makers and social activists.

Oficial selection Festival de Havana- African Diaspora Film Festival, NYC- Festival dei Popoli, Firenze.

December, 10th at 8:45 pm

Followed by Q&A



African Diaspora Film Festival

Anthology Film Archives

32 Second Avenue at Second Street


YBCA and Pocha Nostra present
Ex-Centris (a performance installation)

Oct 17-30 Yerbabuena Center for the Arts
700 Howard Street@3rd, San Francisco

On Gallery One

Guillermo Gómez Peña, Juan Ybarra and Michelle Ceballos of La Pocha Nostra (USA/Mexico/Colombia); with international guests Ansuman Biswas (Bengal/UK) and Violeta Luna (Mexico)

"Sensory overload, a hall of monstrous illusions and mysterious confrontation." Stephen Dunne, SMH, Sydney, Australia.

Step into Ex-Centris - an interactive, living museum of Experimental Ethnography and pop culture for the 21st century. From its world premier at the Tate
Modern in London to its US premier at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, Ex-Centris examines corporate multiculturalism, the dangers of contemporary
political discourse and the fetishes of global media. It asks the audience why certain cultural "Others" are demonized, while other "Others" are romanticized and
eroticized. Under the leadership of performance artist/writer/McArthur Fellow Gómez-Peña, this remarkable gathering of international performance artists
will construct a stunning installation of human artifacts, intercultural curios, soundscapes, apocalyptic taggings, video and virtual images.

Each performance will be unique. Come dressed as your favorite cultural "other." Audience participation is encouraged.



For more info on the project contact Kari Hensely at Pocha Nostra (415)701-7385


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