Curator: Claudio Pansera

Cultural Resistance

Victoria Eandi
Argentina, 50 min.
Through 6 interviews this piece offers a wide panorama of different artistic projects in the Buenos Aires metropolitan area.

Messages of Silence
Juana Miranda González
Paraguay, 15 min.
Documentary film about a group of dancers that travels to the Paraguayan Caco to meet the chamacocos, an ethnic community that inspired the dancers' work.

Jailed in Theater
Grupo de Teatro Amplio Salvatablas
Buenos Aires, 18 min.
This film examines a theater program at the Universidad de las Madres de Plaza de Mayo, which trains inmates on temporary parole, ex-prisoners from the Ezeiza jail, and other artists that joined the group.

Carromato, Countdown
Laura Astorga Carrera
Costa Rica, 18 min.
Tracks the parallel development of three different theater productions in order to unite and integrate theater technical personnel from Central America.

Angie against the World
Ana Sánchez Laws
Panamá, 17 min.
An innocent look into the invasion of Panama, and the painful memories it evokes.

Theater Utopia
Adolfo Cabanichk
Argentina, 75 min.
A documentary film about Argentina's community theaters, which have become the foremost artistic expression of "engaged" art movements.