SHORTS ON AFRICA IN THE AMERICAS / Tuesday June 12, 9:30-12h
(Discussion led by Mónica Simoncini)


Diego Ceballos & Jorge Antonio Fortes
Argentina, 2005, 75 min.
Argentina has no “black problem” because it has no blacks. At least that's what mainstream society has told itself, but the “Afro-argentineans” in this documentary tell a different story of their country's past and present.

Afro-Cultural Movement

Mónica Simoncini
Argentina, 2007, 25 min.
Short film about the struggle and resistance of Argentina's community of African descent.

Palhaço da Folia de Reis
Ausonia Bernardes Monteiro
Brazil, 15 min.
Short video about the predominance of feet and legs in the dance Palhaço da Folia. They are the expressive elements of the African cultures in Brazil. This piece explores the proximity to other cultural manifestations of the African Brazilian communities, like capoeira, and hip hop.