NATIVE AMERICAN SHORTS I / Sunday June 10 9:30-12h
(Discussion led by Carlos Masotta and Erica Koleff)

The Ethnographic Gaze, Performance and Tales of Ethnic Memory:
Video Between the Poetics of Interaction and Intercultural Mediation

A selection curated by Carlos Masotta
Argentina, 40 min.
A projection of 6 short documentaries that have been filmed in different indigenous communities in Argentina. The selection examines video as an intercultural communication tool and on its role in ethnographic fieldwork.

Toba Indian

Erica Valeria Koleff
Argentina, 30 min.
A tour of Barrio Toba Naa Quoom in Presidencia Roque Sánez Peña, Chaco, Argentina. Currently, aboriginal people in this location live in neighborhoods co-inhabited by "criollo" (nonindigenous) families.

NATIVE AMERICAN SHORTS II / Sunday June 10 14:30-16h
(Discussion led by Kerry Swanson)

Agency and the Body: Indigenous Film and Video from the imagineNATIVE Festival Archives.
A selection curated by Kerry Swanson
Canada, 36 min.
This selection of short experimental films showcases the work of some of Canada’s most groundbreaking Aboriginal artists as they explore concepts of identity, sexuality, and race through performative filmmaking.

Terrence Houle
Canada, 2003, 4:20 min.
Houle takes back the racist epithet "wagon burner," a common term that was used during his childhood in the Canadian Prairies. Houle exposes the foolishness of the term in a contemporary context, and draws a parallel to racism in general. Authority, revolution, tradition, and agency are enacted through the dance.

Group of Seven Inches
Kent Monkman & Gisèle Gordon
Canada, 2005, 6:30 min.
A playful musing on the relationship between artist and model inspired by the 19th century diaries of colonial painters George Catlin and Paul Kane, this silent black & white film stars Monkman’s hybrid alter-ego Miss Chief Eagle Testickle.

The Man from Venus
James Diamond
Canada, 3:00
Diamond’s grainy experimental film is the first in a series that tackles issues of sexuality with a fearless approach. Navigating the psychological manifestations of a hybrid gender identity, Diamond explores issues of body and mind capturing the complex nature of his topic.

Mars Womb Man
James Diamond
Canada, 2006, 11:30
In this companion piece to earlier film The Man From Venus, Diamond explodes concepts of man, woman, mother, and father. Using his pregnant body as the site of navigation, Diamond contemplates sexuality and explodes the myths of feminity and motherhood.

Thirza Cuthand
Thirza Cuthand
1997-2004, 11:00
In her body of work, Cuthand explores issues of identity, race, sexuality, relationships, ageism and mental health.