QUEER AND TRANSGENDER SHORTS I / Monday June 11, 14:30-16h (Discussion led by Carmen Oquendo-Villar)

Gay-Trans Shorts
Curator: Carmen Oquendo-Villar

A transvestite healer in Argentina, two lesbian hip hopers in Cuba, a successful Colombian artist turned woman after a life changing experience in Cuba, a Dominican transsexual navigating Boston's night life, a Panamanian drag queen that dazzles with her make up and voice, two political activists in Chile and Peru... These are some of the characters that overflow the short film exhibit, Tran-Tran-Tran-Trán. Some pieces are launched from within theatrical codes, while others follow anthropological verisimilitude. The pieces incorporate diverse ways of experiencing gender, launching both re-enactments and subversions of social codes. Including traditional vignettes, documentary portraits and experimental shorts, Tran-Tran-Tran-Trán features different ways of flirting with a history that is somebody else's, and also very much our own. It offers a window into the short film production around gender and sexuality in the Americas.

T com T: vida lésbica em La habana contemporânea

Celiany Rivera-Velázquez
Cuba, Puerto Rico, Chicago, 40 min.
Alternative documentary that explores the experiences of a lesbian Hip Hop group living in today's Havana.

Marcos Arriaga
Peru, Canada, 2005, 52 min.
Documentary exploration of homosexual life in present day Peru. Maricones is a gritty look at the life of Eusebio, a 58-year-old working-class gay man in Lima, and Juan Carlos, who 152 153 has recently become involved in the budding gay rights movement in Peru. These two men epitomize the ins and outs of Peruvian LGBT politics.

The Che of Gays
Arturo Álvarez
Chile, 2005, 32 min.
The Che of Gays, a documentary portrait of the life and social struggle of the homosexual journalist and activist, Víctor Hugo Robles, won as Best Documentary at the II Festival Internacional de Cine Gay/Lésbico y Transexual de Bilbao, Spain..

QUEER AND TRANSGENDER SHORTS II / Tuesday June 12, 14:30-16h (Discussion led by Carmen Oquendo-Villar, Federico Carabajal and Luján Montes)

Queer-Trans Shorts
Curator: Carmen Oquendo-Villar

Alejandra and Laura
Federico Carbajal
Argentina, 2001, 12 min.
Documentary about Alejandra, a transvestite that works as a healer during the day, and at night turns into Laura and works in the streets of Pacheco, Argentina.

Energic Movement of Will Towards Knowledge, Possession or Pleasure of a Person or Thing
Luján Montes, Matías Otamendi
Argentina, 2004, 12 min.
Made in "El Gondolín", a hotel where about 30 transvestites live, this experimental docufiction explores the different avatars of pleasure, including social impositions and domesticated bodies.

Carolina Valencia
Colombia, Cuba, Canada, 2007, 30 min.
Witchcraft tells the story of the Male to Female change of Valencia. The transformation began with the spiritual practices in Cuba and the cataclism that this change provoked in her personal life.

Oquendo-Villar, Perley & Terrones
Boston, 2006, 17 min.
Mizery explora o estágio de vida de uma "drag queen" Panamenha. Esta vinhetea sonda as intersecções da sexualidade e raça onde o gênero é apenas outra fronteira "embaçada", um vôo a mais em direção ao norte através de um céu em desvanecimento. Co-dirigida por Deidra Perley e Joaquín Terrones.

Oquendo-Villar & Ruiz
Boston, 2005, 10 min.
Boquita presents a day in the life portrait of a transgender performer from the Dominican Republic who resides in Jamaica Plain, MA. Throughout the film we hear informal conversations about migrant queer identities, conflicting relationships with the home country, and inter- Caribbean relations.

My Female Soul
Lizette Vila
Cuba, 1994, 10 min.
This piece is among the first docuementaries to explore the lives of transsexuals and transvestites in Cuba. It bears witness of young Cuban's contradictions regarding sex and gender.