WOMEN'S SHORTS/ Monday June 11, 9:30-12h
(Discussion led by Fulana and Johanna Householder)

Latino Plastic Cover
New York, 2000, 1:15 min.
A mock cable access commercial for the ultimate all-purpose product, guaranteed not only to keep dust off your muebles, but to guard the sanctity of your Latino household and protect your loved ones from all kinds of adversities. Latino Plastic Cover: Because Plastic Is Forever.

Lupe & JuanDi from the Block

New York, 2003, 5 min.
El Indio Juan Diego is excited because he turned white when he was canonized by the Vatican (cross-over make-over). The Virgin of Guadalupe is not so thrilled. Inspired by Our Lady of JLo, the Fulanas stage an imaginary war of words between the "Brown Virgin" (G-Loop) and the new JuanDi.

New York, 2005, 1 min.
Do you feel anxiety about world events you cannot change? Are your political concerns interfering in your patriotic activities? You may be suffering from Historical Memoritis. Don't let Iraq hold you back! Block your longterm historical memory with Amnezac: The Most Powerful Anti-Historiamine on the Market.

Operation Blue Blood
New York, 2006, 1:27 min.
During the first week of September 2005, as Hurricane Katrina victims were stranded in New Orleans, ignored by FEMA and the Bush Administration, we asked ourselves: What would be happening if the victims weren't mostly poor and black? What if the hurricane had hit a rich neighborhood instead? Operation Blue Blood: You're In.

Tercer Impacto: Hispanacea
New York, 2007, 6 min.
Immigrant Latinas—with little education or health care—live longer than anyone in the US (the New York Times calls this "The Hispanic Paradox"). What if Latinas' longevity could be extracted and marketed as a health supplement? Find out on Tercer Impacto, as hard-hitting journalists Barbi and Fabi report on Hispanacea: Your Fountain of Youth. Feel the force that is sweeping the nation!

Achtung Baby! Performance and Video by Canadian Women
Johanna Householder & Nina Czegledy
Canada, 59 min.
Artworks in video and performance which embody interruptions in the dominant mediascape. The exhibition reveals work which physically and telematically disrupts the given narrative structures and media tropes with highly personal interventions. The selection of films includes the following shorts:

Jenn Norton
Canada, 2002, 1:20min.

Lisa Steele
Canada, 1974, 13 min.
Birthday Suit - with scars and defect

The Clichettes
Canada, 1985, 2:40 min.
Go To Hell

Deirdre Logue
Canada, 2005, 3 min.
Beyond the Usual Limits: Part 1

Jillian Mcdonald
Canada, 2003, 7:07 min.
Me and Billy Bob

Farheen HaQ
Canada, 2003, 2:34 min.

Jenn Norton
Canada, 2001, 4:55 min.
Play with me!

Brenda Goldstein
Canada, 2003, 4 min.
Economies of Scale

Leslie Peters (with Lisa Foad)
Canda, 2002, 9:45 min.

Dara Gellman
Canada, 2003, 1:05 min.
that's pretty special

Heather Keung
Canada, 2006, 3:00 min.

b.h. Yael & Johanna Householder
Canada, 2000, 4:20 min.
The Mission

Deirdre Logue
Canadá, 2005, 1:30 min.