bodies and movement(s)
How does attention to the performing body help us understand political movements and social change; the staging of power, repression, and resistance; and body politics of migration, displacement, public exposure?

Within this area, work groups included:

Cultural Agents
Chair: Prof. Doris Sommer (Harvard University)

Empowering the Social Body through Art
Chair: Claudio Pansera

Youth, Culture, and the Body in Performance
Chairs: Profs. Stephani Woodson and Tamara Underiner (Arizona State University) and Prof. María Inés Falconi (Universidad Popular de Belgrano y Asociación Argentina de Teatristas Independientes para Niños y Adolescentes [ATINA])

Fraud as Political Performance
Chair: Prof. Patricia Ybarra (Brown University)

Traveling Virgins/Vírgenes Viajeras
Chair: Alyshia Galvez (New York University)

The Other Body: Migration, Work and the Performing Body
Chairs: Roberto Varea (USF) and Ulla D. Berg (New York University)