poetics and politics
What is the relation between aesthetic and ethical performance; what practices, theories, or models allow us to explore the politics and poetics of the body?

Within this area, work groups included:

Body as Ritual Space
Chair: Prof. Zeca Ligiéro
(Universidad Federal do Estado do Rio de Janeiro)

Dead Bodies
Chairs: Profs. Anne Lambright and Milla Riggio (Trinity College)

Knowing and Caring for the Body: The Political Economy of the Self in Consumer Society
Chair: Prof. Gisela Cánepa-Koch (Pontificia Universidad Católica del Peru)

Between the Event and the Trace: Performance Art in the Americas
Chair: Marcela Fuentes (Marsha Gall) (New York University). Guest artist: Patricia Ávila (Urbomaquia)

Performances and multiculturalism: traditions and transformations in the poetics and politics of the bodies
Chair: Silvia Citro and team: "Body and multiculturalism in contemporary socio-esthetic practices" (Universidad de Buenos Aires - Universidad Nacional de Rosario)