bodies and the making of place
How has the body been central to the construction of social formations in the Americas? How have the politics of the body – in terms of race, gender, ethnicity, sexuality – been enlisted in the production of political bodies – in terms of nations, communities or other social groups?

Within this area, work groups included:

Transnational Theory and Method in Performance Studies
Chairs: Prof. Alejandro L. Madrid (University of Illinois at Chicago) and Prof. Micol Seigel (California State University, Los Angeles)

Latin American “Orients”: Arab, Asian, Pacific Latin Americas
Chair: Prof. Jill Lane (New York University)

Bodies Politics: Nationalism and Spaces of Performance
Chairs: Francine A'Ness and
Mary K. Coffey (Dartmouth College)

Racing/Engendering Bodies
Chairs: Cyraina Johnson-Roullier (University of Notre Dame); Karen Richman (University of Notre Dame); Meg Harper, (Georgia State University).

Mestizo/a Bodies: Hybridity in Performance
Chairs: Antonio Prieto Stambaugh