bodies and terror

In our contemporary political moment, how can we understand the production of terror and the ways in which it produces terrifying/terrified, fearful/fearless bodies, including the production of non-human bodies, secret or invisible bodies, and disciplines the performance of (terrorized/terrifying, fearful/fearless) citizenship?

Within this area, work groups included:

Trauma, Memory, and Performance
Chairs: Prof. Diana Taylor (New York University) and Marianne Hirsch (Columbia University)

Enslaved Bodies
Chair: Prof. Agnes Lugo-Ortiz (University of Chicago)

Expendable Bodies: The Struggle for Visibility
Chair: Prof. Rossana Reguillo (ITESO, Guadalajara, México)

On the Embodied Performativity of Fear
Chair: Prof Mirta Antonelli (Universidad de Córdoba)