Percussion workshop / Alejandro Oliva
Using several percussion instruments, we will play different rhythms, explore the bodyinstrument relationship, explore voice and rhythm, and we will form a percussion ensemble in which we will experiment with directed improvisation. No previous knowledge required.

Mass Emergency, The Body, Mass Hypnosis workshop / Rev. Billy & Savitri D
Reverend Billy and Director Savitri D, leaders of the New York City based Church of Stop Shopping, discuss strategies of disruption and the reconstruction of dreams.

The Corporal Voice or the Vocal Body (Workshop 1) / Daniel Di Pace
A space for training, experimentation, production and reflection on the relationship between body and voice on stage, to relate physical, affective and intellectual aspects with vocal aspects by means of exercises-games aimed at awareness-raising, exploration, sensitization and control.

Vocal Indisciplines (Worshop 2) / Daniel Di Pace
Intimate and explicit relationships between voice and other disciplines. Points of contact with the visual arts, text, and theater.

Tango Salon: Tango as Language and Meeting Point / Daniel Sansotta & Artemisa Pájaro
This workshop includes warming up, rhythm and equilibrium, techniques and musicality of tango, embrace and communication, dance sequences, notions of tango milonguero and new tango. Collaborators: Ianni Stefanides & Analía Badolato.

ALÁBASE, Orixá Dances / Isabel (Isa) Soares
Dances from the African people of Yoruba origin, accompanied by their ritual songs. The xirê de orixás routine is the result of a long process related to resistance, survival and selfknowledge.

The Art of Play for Solo Performers / Michelle Matlock
This workshop will explore theater games for solo actors, clown techniques for stage and building characters from a physical point of view.

Embodying Latin America: Mural Workshop / Omar Néstor Gasparini
This workshop will use mural techniques to approach the revalorization of identity and memory, the popular concept of expression, referencing the aesthetics of our ancestors, leaving behind the prejudices of European or “northern hemisphere” art.

Movement, Dance, Hemispheric Music / Emilio Calcagno
Participants will be led (the road is smoother without guidelines) to the practice of spontaneous movements, stimulated by the vibrations of diverse musics and by the contact with a (very experienced) group laden with proposals.

Performance Rituals and Games to Decolonize the Body
La Pocha Nostra / Guillermo Gómez Peña & Roberto Sifuentes
Our eclectic methodology includes experimental theater, Suzuki training, dance, contact
improvisation and ritual performance, shamanic practices, performance art, and everywhere in between.

El Cuerpo Habla. Storytelling in Performance / Angela Anna Girón
Participants will draw and identify embedded memories of our respective physical body, our bodies of language, our bodies of diversity, our indigenous local landscapes and dreams. The resulting performance will be presented at the Cabaret during the Encuentro.

From the One to the Many: Story-based Techniques from Boal and Beyond / Jan Cohen-Cruz
Series of four distinct workshops that provide hands-on experience and commentary about a range of exercises that use the embodiment of personal stories to connect individual experiences to political actions.

Venezuelan “Stick Fighting” Workshop / Fundación Cultural MAPSDA / Alejo Ruiz / Venezuela
A fighting system developed by Venezuelan peasants. The workshop will cover: Historical referents; Multiethnicity and pluriculturalism in Venezuela; Club as weapon; Defended body; Frame, movements and steps; and basic techniques.

Digital Photography Workshop: Visualizing the Body Politic / Lorie Novak & Julio Pantoja
This will be a hands-on workshop using photography to explore the Encuentro themes and create digital slide shows. Using digital cameras, participants will photograph during the first four days of the Encuentro. A 3-session commitment is required.

Hampiq Warmi – Part 3: Healing Workshop / Grupo Cultural Yuyachkani
The Healing Workshop is a space where we can open our minds and hearts, connect to each other, recover. In order to take this workshop you must have experienced Parts 1 and 2: the Willasaqmi and Kay Punku performances.

Capoeira / Matías Federico Rixner
Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian martial art “disguised” as a game or a dance. In this workshop we will cover elements of two types of capoeira: Angola & Regional.

Viewpoints: The Postmodern Actor / Sebastián Calderón-Bentín
The Viewpoints are a practice and philosophy of movement, a way of seeing and perceiving movement that translates into a technique for (1) the training of performers, and (2) the creation of movement or action on stage. Note: This workshop is a three (3) day committment.

The Masks: Scenes of Memory / Elina Matoso & Dr. Mario Buchbinder
The participants will be able to use masks in working with their bodies, in scenes and games. The methodology will be based on body and mask techniques, as well as scene work and games.

Role-Free Tango Workshop / César Rojas & Mariana Gonzalo
Tango was born as a dance form practiced by men, and only after they were trained did they enjoy it with a woman. Today’s cultural reality also allows us to dance without a pre-set role. This workshop adds to the freedom in selecting dance partners and the role we want our partner to dance.

Social Circus: Art and Transformation / Circo Social de Sur / Mariana Luna Rufolo & Pablo Holgado
Circus art as a universal and millenary language offers us a possibility of expression that is multidisciplinary and supremely playful. This workshop will present a panorama of the different types of techniques (individual and group acrobatics, juggling with diverse objects, balance).

Not-work/Not-shop / Internacional errorista + Etcétera… / Loreto Garín
It is not a workshop, it is a space to exchange knowledge and experience; it is also an
experience in itself, an apparatus of un-education. In this space, we will appeal to the mood and needs of the recurring NON-Audience.

Greenpeace Actions—Registered Trademark of Social Protest / Emiliano Ezurra
This workshop aims to offer participants the tools to intervene in situations of social conflict from a direct, peaceful, non-violent and creative perspective.

Re-Collection of Junk-Art / RECICLARTE, Art Collective / David Acevedo
Using the elements of waste, metaphor and literality of a “consumed consumer” society we will create a collective work of art that expresses the spirit of the Encuentro and its participants. (Collaborator: Dr. Alberto Vázquez).