Linda Kintz
University of Oregon

Performing Virtual Whiteness: The Psychic Fantasy of Globalization

I am interested in the further development of a project on which I am working, which deals with a study of white supremacist globalization, as that is developed in Teresa Brennanís study, History After Lacan. In that study, Brennan brings together a thoroughly politicized reframing of Lacanís theory of the Mirror Stage, as she emphasizes the historicity of Lacanís description of a form of subjectivity experienced as fortressed and hollow, a subjectivity which is in essence paranoid in its reactions to the inevitable evidence of corporeality and nature which it has attempted to purge. Brennan also theorizes the way globalization develops nature and other cultures in terms of the psychic fantasy described in Lacanís essay. In a double move, the technology of the first world also reproduces that very fantasy (or phantasy), which can be described as a white supremacist one and productively joined to Richard Dyerís important study, White.

In developing this work, Iím continuing earlier analysis of the plays of Adrienne Kennedy, adding to that the plays of Suzan-Lori Parks and the work of Maria Irene Fornes. But I am especially in need of a much more rigorous consideration of the "outside" of US borders in this hemisphere, an outside that effectively makes a virtual nationalism possible in the US at the same time that corporate power makes nationhood symbolic at best. The importance of such symbolism, however, which is firmly grounded in real practices of power, makes Brennanís treatment of the importance of psychic fantasy and globalization all the more pertinent.