Teresa Marrero
University of North Texas

I would like to present a paper on my most recent research, which deals with the notion of Denial and the Melodrama in Revolutionary Highland Chiapas: the Women, the Executive and Performance. I look at both the overall political context, first addressing the melodramatic overtones of presidential speeches geared towards ingraining disinformantional perspectives in the Mexican civil society about the Zapatista insurgency. I then take a look at the practices of denial within local, patriarchal indigenous men's power structures and how these affect the performance of a female self, a being conceived in a biologically determined and socially prescribed ways. And lastly, I focus on the performance of a new being: a revolutionary indigenous woman both in the battle field (as soldiers) and on stage (as actors). In theatrical performances by a local indigenous women's cooperative, the melodrama functions as a communicative means to perform socially tabu subjects that are generally held in denial by the dominant social structures (issues that deal with rape, family violence, the destruction of the environment, etc.)