"Effigies of Ourselves: Native Films and Videos from the US and Canada"
Film and video images produced by Native Americans are purposely underrepresented. A paradox based on the history of indigenous survival reaching back to the beginning of our ancestral memory in the western hemisphere. The selected films and videos highlight the indigenous presence and correction of historical errors which validate our truth.

I. A Video Book, 1994, 6 min. ,Beverly R. Singer (Tewa/Dine', New York, NY) (In Spanish)

II. Yuxweluptun: Man of Masks, 1998, 21 min., Dana Claxton (Sioux/French, Vancouver, BC) (English)

III. Imagining Indians, 1992, 30 min., Victor Masayesva, Jr. (Hopi, Hotevilla, AZ) (English)

IV. Tenacity, 1993, 12 min., Chris Eyre, (Arapaho/Cheyenne, New York, NY) (Spanish)

V. Lighting the 7th Fire, 1996, 30 min., Sandra Sunrising Osawa, (Makah, Seattle, WA) (Spanish)

Beverly R. Singer, PhD
Native American Program Coordinator
Department of Education
American Museum of Natural History