The Global City's Uncanny Side, Its Theater of Action, An Infamous Gathering !

Silvia Vega Llona
PhD Candidate, Department of Performance Studies, NYU

When in December of 1996 the MRTA took over the Japanese Embassy in Lima, this city became a theater of action for a more general urban "global" problem. The socio-political crisis of globalization was reverberating in the theatrical space of San Isidro, a symbolic-theatrical space set up to echo down the global info-city's uncanny side with its photographic and cinematographic quality. This theater of action exposed what hid behind the contemporary global stage of capitalism: a military state with its "civil" ally; a police state and the media shaping the space of the city. More pointedly, Lima became the third world spectacle of a global info-city by mimicking the mimetic connection between spectrality and violence.