During the seminar, activist groups H.I.J.O.S. and Grupo Arte Callejero, both from Argentina, led workshops and panel discussions about their activist work denouncing the Argentine dictatorships of the 1970s which "disappeared" thousands of citizens. Their inspiration provoked seminar participants from Brazil to enact their own street demonstration against the Brazilian dictatorships and U.S. involvement during the same period.

For more information, read the article by Adriana González Mateos, "Escrache al Plan Cóndor," La Jornada Semanal, 10 de septiembre del 2000and see the H.I.J.O.S. web cuaderno.



Grupo Arte Callejero

After workshops in which participants made street signs, Brazilians and seminar supporters took to the streets of downtown Rio de Janeiro and hung signs showing their protest of this period, which is still relevant to contemporary Brazilian politics since many from that era have remained in power.