Seminar 2000 Events

The first annual seminar was a two-week event that featured daily workshops, mini-seminars, mini-panels, performances and video screenings. A mid-seminar interdisciplinary conference highlighted scholarly work on related topics.



The three day conference included presentations by scholars and graduate students on topics such as: "performance, politics, and globalization;" "performance and social space;" and "performance and pedagogy."

Hemispheric Institute directors: Zeca Ligiéro, Diana Taylor, Javier Serna, y Luiz Peirano (not shown)



Various workshops were offered each morning featuring Afro-Brazilian dance, Centro de Teatro do Oprimido com Augusto Boal, Grupo Arte Callejero, and performance workshops with Richard Schechner and the Peruvian theater group, Yuyachkani.

Candomble workshop


Performances y Video Screenings

Each night a selection of performances were presented in coherence with the themes discussed throughout the seminar. Performers included Gomez-Peña e Sifuentes (Mexterminator), Denise Stoklos (Vozes Dissonantes), Grupo Cultural Yuyachkani (Antigona), among many other Brazilian and international artists.

Video screenings also provided a rich look at various American cultural phenomena. Most screenings were of shorts and documentaries with a lecture provided by noted Brazilian film scholar, Robert Stam (NYU).

Mini-Panels/Mini-Panéis/Mini-Paneles Y Palestras/Lecturas/Lectures

Mini-Panels and lectures were given during the two-week seminar. They were informal presentations and discussions on topics related to performance and politics. Such topics included, "gender, sexuality and performance," "theater and community," and "race and popular performance."

Yuyachkani Director: Miguel Rubio Zapata


Mini-seminars were opportunities for participants to informally discuss topics of related interest that they were working on as scholars, artists, or activists. Some seminar themes were, "performance and memory," "study of gay performance," "political theater" and "new performance theories and practices."

Grupo Arte Callejero