Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics: Seminar

Augusto Boal

The First Annual Hemispheric Institute Seminar and Conference
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Seminar: July 2-15, 2000
Schedule in English
Schedule in Portuguese

Conference: July 7-9, 2000
Conference Panels/Mesas de Comunicações

Last minute changes in events may arise that are beyond our control.

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The Hemispheric Institute Seminar is an intensive two-week exploration of the relation between performance and politics in the Americas, featuring lectures, workshops, participant seminars, along with site visits to performances, films, and other cultural venues. The seminar seeks to develop models of intellectual and artistic inquiry that are specially suited to the study of social and political formations in the Americas. This Seminar explores the potential offered by the emerging inter-disciplinary field of Performance Studies to provide new means through which to understand the relation between expressive culture (broadly construed as performance) and political movements, identities, and social norms. The seminar curriculum draws on the combined expertise of leading scholars and artists trained in performance and cultural studies from the United States, Brazil and Latin America. All participants will have an opportunity to develop and present their work as part of the seminar.

For those who cannot participate in the entire two-week seminar, the Institute offers a three-day conference from July 7-9, 2000. The conference will feature lectures, panels, and roundtable discussions by international scholars and artists along with seminar participants.

This seminar is made possible by a generous grant from the Ford Foundation.

Núcleo de Estudos das Performances Afro-Ameríndias
Programa de Pos-Graduação em Teatro
Centro de Letras e Artes
Universidade do Rio de Janeiro
Seminar Coordinator: Zeca Ligiéro INFORMATION FOR PARTICIPANTS

EMAIL LIST: If you have registered for the seminar or conference through NYU and have not recently received emails about the event, please contact us so we can put you on the email list.

UNIRIO REGISTRATION FORM: The conference organizers in Rio are asking that all seminar and conference participants please fill out the following form, even if you have already submitted a registration or application form to NYU. This form has additional information which will help the UNIRIO team organize events and make sure everyone's needs are met. Please select the form in the language you prefer and send it either by e-mail, nepaa@unirio.br, or fax (from the US: 011-55-21-579-0695), to UNIRIO.

VISAS: Please make sure to check and see if you need a VISA for travel to Brazil. Currently, US citizens DO need a visa, which can be obtained by contacting the Brazilian Embassy nearest to you. Here are some links to Brazilian embassies in the US:


HOTELS: The Institute is working with Metropol Viagens e Turismo Ltda and has been able to get reduced hotel rates at two hotels in Rio, the Luxor Continental in Leme and the Real Residence Flat in Copacabana. Rates range from $56-$63 for single occupancy rooms to $80-$88 for triple occupancy rooms. Metropol Viagens e Turismo Ltda is also able to arrange transportation between the hotels and the airport: hotel and airport pick-up reservation form. Please note that the agency accepts checks in U.S. dollars or Visa credit cards only (no other credit cards), and that there is a 4% surcharge to use a Visa card. For those needing the hotels' addresses and phone numbers for visa applications, they are:

The seminar and conference events will be taking place mostly at UNI-RIO (in Urca) and at the Villa-Lobos theatre (just on the other side of a tunnel from Leme). If you want to make your own hotel reservations at other hotels, locations in Leme, Ipanema, and Copacabana (in that order) will be the closest and most accessible to seminar and conference events. There will be ground transportation arranged according to a set schedule between the two hotels where we have group reservations and the seminar/conference events.


Currently the weather in Rio is beautiful, sunny, and quite warm, approximately in the 70's and 80's during the day. It hasn't rained in the last week, but it would be advisable to bring an umbrella. The events of the seminar and conference are taking place at the Universidade do Rio de Janeiro campus, Avenida Pasteur, 436. The campus is located in the neighborhood, or bairro, of Urca, a few blocks short of the famous Pao de Acucar. This is a good landmark to give a taxi driver who is unsure of the location. The abertura, or opening reception, of the seminar will take place at 5:30 at UNI-RIO. For those who wish to arrive a bit earlier and register and pick up their materials, there will be an office open on the ground floor of the Escola de Teatro from 3:00pm on on Sunday.

Currently, they are selling Reais for cash dollars at a rate of 1.85 Reais for $1US at the exchange near the hotel. They do not accept travellers checks there, but there is an American Express office a ten minute walk away where they exchange American Express travellers checks at a rate of 1.77 Reais per $1US. There are also several 24 hour cash machines that accept Visa, Mastercard, and Cirrus cards (not NYCE).

(All events are tentative - performances, lectures, workshops, and demonstrations may still be added or dropped)

Topics include:

MASTER WORKSHOPS AND DEMONSTRATIONS workshops and demonstrations in movement, dance, or other expressive traditions, led by participating artists, including:

KEYNOTE SPEAKERS AND INVITED GUESTS from Brazil and abroad, including:

PERFORMANCES, including:



The three-day conference, July 7-9, will include key-note speakers, panels, and roundtable presentations. A complete schedule of the three-day conference will be available shortly. To view the schedule for the panel discussions on July 8 and 9, click here


The official language of the seminar and conference will be Portuguese, with Spanish as the second language. Most presentations, seminars, and workshops will be given in either Spanish or Portuguese. During the conference, simultaneous translation will probably be available. During the seminar, however, more informal modes of translation will be available, such as bilingual and trilingual Teaching Assistants to facilitate discussion sections, seminars, and workshops. For seminar participants in particular, a working knowledge of Portuguese and/or Spanish is strongly recommended, in order to get the most out of the events. An effort will be made to have as many of the readings and lectures as possible available in all three languages. For those presenting conference papers who are comfortable speaking in Portuguese or Spanish but prefer to write in English, translation services will be made available, providing the papers are received in a timely fashion.




******Please note that the selection and registration process has now been completed******

Participants will be chosen by application. An effort will be made to ensure representation from the different constituencies served by the Institute: students, artists, scholars, at different stages of their careers, and from different parts of the Americas, especially Latin America.

SEMINAR: Applicants outside of Brazil should submit an application form, a CV, and a one-page letter of interest to the NYU address below. Please also include language skills in English, Spanish and Portuguese. Deadline for application is January 15, 2000. There will be a $350 tuition fee for seminar participants with an institutional base in the United States, and $150 for seminar participants with an institutional base in Latin America (outside Brazil). This fee includes attendance to the three day conference July 7-9. A limited number of need-based full and partial fellowships are available for US-based students. Please indicate if participation in the seminar is contingent upon receiving financial aid. In addition, reduced group fares for airfare and/or accommodations may be available.

CONFERENCE: To register to attend the July 7-9 conference, please fill out and return this registration form to the NYU address below. There will be a $150 fee for attending the conference for those with an institutional base in the United States, and a $50 fee for those with an institutional base in Latin America (outside Brazil). Those wishing to submit a paper proposal for consideration should send a CV along with a one-page paper abstract to the NYU address below. Deadline for submission is January 15, 2000.

Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics
Department of Performance Studies
Tisch School of the Arts
New York University
721 Broadway, 6th floor
New York, NY 10003-6807

IN BRAZIL: Applicants from Brazil should contact the Núcleo de Estudos das Performances Afro-Ameríndias for application information:
Av Pasteur, 296
6o andar - Sala 614
Urca - Rio de Janeiro - RJ
CEP 22209-240
or email: nepaa@unirio.br

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