Artist Statement: Milagros de la Torre

I have always perceived my work as intimate and have chosen to challenge conventional photographic practice with, at times, very conventional photographic language, working with its limitations and mistakes as part of a strategy to undermine its documental role. I felt that the medium could only be truly destabilized through its own means, and in that sense, it could open a door to a “somewhere else.”

I think there is a frontier, an in-between place, between observing a photograph of an object and whether or not you realize what you have seen.

After all these years, I am still intrigued by the basic notion of photography. This was very obvious to me when I was a student as I learned all its processes; photography fascinated me because its technological nature always led me to philosophical concerns.

Whenever I research on a potential project, half of the work is finding its conceptual methodology in order to allude to that essential idea of reflection. Reflections can reveal truth or not. I have been seduced by that mirror effect, that Alice in Wonderland effect, that ambiguity, since the beginning.

Each project involves a conscious decision about what language or code to use and how to do it subtly because subtlety is always the most suggestive way, I believe, to evoke thought.