Summer 2009
Through a focus on "contagion," this issue explores the enactment of social, cultural, aesthetic, and political formations of the social body when altered, threatened, or transformed by the presence of an/other.

  • Jill Lane
  • Marcial Godoy- Anativia

  • Designer
  • Frances Pollitt
  • Managing Editor
  • Rachel Lears
  • Editorial Assistants
  • Robert A. K. Gonyo
  • Zena Bibler
  • Interns
  • Susan E. Schaller
  • Emmanuelle
  • Lambert-Lemoine
  • Kelly McKay
  • Irma Leticia
  • Robles Moreno
  • Constance Winston
  • Translators
  • Pablo A. Costa
  • Wilson Loria
  • Margot Olavarria
  • Kelly McKay
  • Sebastian Reyes Gil



    The Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics
    20 Cooper Square, Fifth Floor
    New York City, New York 10003

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