Íñigo Ramírez de Haro: In God We Shit

In God We Shit (Me cago en Dios)

In god we shit is basically a constipation problem, that is, a SpiritualSelf Help Training in order to efinitely overcome the difficulties in opening the entrails. But, of course, as it has already happened with Pandora's box, when you open the lockgates everything gets released....everything but hope.


Íñigo Ramírez de Haro is an actor, director, and now, exclusively, a playwright whose pieces include: Hoy no puedo ir a trabajar porque estoy enamorado (I cannot go to work today becase I am in love), ¿Pero es que me tengo que morir para que me hagáis caso? (Do I have to die for you to listen to me?), Extrinción (Extinction), Borracho-Bomba (Drunk-Bomb), Negro contra Blanca (Black against White), and Tu arma contra la celulitis rebelde (Your weapon to fight the rebellious cellulite). His works have been staged in Europe and Latin America

Edited by Victor Bautista