"Sarau": What is it?

Piäta Stoklos

The workshop intends to sensitize the participants for the "Sarau" as a group practice of free artistic manifestation of those present to the event. Through a short dissertation about the "Projeto Sarau" elaborated in São Paulo, Brazil, in 1999, we will lean over the aspects that involve its production, goals and viable contexts of its application. The participants should leave having had a first sense of the "Projeto Sarau" in its most spontaneous form, and capable of initiating "Sarau" experiences with a certain control over the matters involved in it (goals, methods, group readings, integrating dynamics and ones that liberate from fixated behaviors).



Piäta Stoklos Kignel was born in Brazil in 1980. He is currently studying Psychology and Psychodrama. He works as a group facilitator in educational and community projects. In 1998 he created the Sarau KVA, a project that continued until 2002.