The Path of and with the Body—Dudude Herrmann

enc05_herrmann_kraiser_jp_LGPhoto/ Foto: Julio Pantoja


Dudude Herrmann is one of the precursors of contemporary dance in Belo Horizonte. She is a ballerina, choreographer, theatre director and dance teacher. In the 70's she directed Grupo 1st Ato in many productions. In 1994, she created the Benvinda Cia. de Dança, proposing the investigation of dance into a contemporary language that doesn't deny its Brazilian roots and origins. The Brazilian Ministry of Culture granted her a scholarship for the National Choreographic Center of Orleans (France), an invitation that had been made by Josef Nadj, through the Project Bolsa Virtuose 2000 (Virtuose scholarship 2000). Sponsored by Programa Vitae de Artes in 2002-2003, she carried out the research "Poética de um andarilho a escrita do movimento no espaço de fora."