Yuyachkani Demonstration: Memory, Presence, and Representation


photo/Foto: Marlène Ramírez-Cancio

A public demonstration of the creative laboratory process through which Yuyachkani created the play "The Final Rehearsal." It explores the transitions between presentation and representation, between actor and character, using movement scores developed by the actors in prior performances from Yuyachkani's theatrical repertoire. In this way, we illustrate a post-production concept with the material used by the actors in performance.


Since 1971, Grupo Cultural Yuyachkani has been working at the forefront of theatrical experimentation, political performance, and collective creation. "Yuyachkani" is a Quechua word that means "I am thinking, I am remembering." Under this name, the theater group has devoted itself to the collective exploration of embodied social memory, particularly in relation to questions of ethnicity, violence, and memory in Peru.

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