Ricardo Barcellos: Ruins in Construction

fp_rbarcellos_ruinasemconstrucao_enc13_0002_570pxPhoto/Foto: Fran Pollitt

Ruins in Construction

Vacant buildings advertise messages like giant tabloids, they become skin tattooed by signs, abandoned urban carcasses. “We build the stage — you create your story,” the construction company advertises. An emotional relationship with a future home, the conquest of one’s own space. In a dreamy atmosphere, photographic language helps enhance and experience the ambiguities.

Ricardo Barcellos graduated in Social Communication. He lives in New York, and studies at the International Center of Photography. His work has been exhibited in important venues in Brazil and abroad. He won several awards, such as the Hasselblad Masters 2011 in Denmark, and the FCW photography award in Brazil. He has three published books.

Background Information
  • Encuentro Location (São Paulo): SP Escola de Teatro
  • Date: January 12-19, 2013
  • Country: Brazil
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