Who Are We in Latin American Performance

Convener: Lucio Agra

Our proposition assumes that the continent is, in itself, performative, that is, it knows well the identifying features of this artistic language even before it was systematized by practice as well as its studies (i.e. Performance Studies). Possible topics include unknown ways of our own “performativity”; performance that does not circulate in the official art market; the very concept of art and contemporary art in South, central and Hispanic Americas; theoretical and practical ways of overcoming the old dichotomies (such as classical and popular, center and periphery, local and global).


Lúcio Agra graduated in Language from UFRJ and completed his Masters and Doctorate in Communication and Semiotics at the PUC-SP, where he works as adjunct professor in the department of Linguagens do Corpo. With Naira Ciotti the Grupo de Estudios de Performance (“Performance Studies Group”) at the Graduação das Artes do Corpo.


Rosane Felix Ferreira
Diego Marques
Ana Lucia Naser
Beatriz Pires