Andrea Assaf and Gita Hashemi: I Am/Not Enamored

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photo/foto: Lorie Novak

I Am/Not Enamored

Andrea Assaf's work, titled I Am/Not Enamored, a durational performance intervention, was created as a response to Nao Bustamante's "Silver and Gold" which was a featured performance at the Encuentro.

Over the previous three days, Gita Hashemi's embodied writing interventions, titled "Imagined Encounters with My Other Half," had been marking missed opportunities for hemispheric dialogue inclusive of the diversity of people and histories present on the continent.

On her way to mark the Hall Building, where all of the Encuentro's keynote speeches and panel conversations were held, Gita ran into Nyx Zierhut who told her about Andrea's impromptu performance also at the Hall Building. They walked there together and followed Andrea's voice to where she was already performing. The collaboration between Andrea Assaf and Gita Hashemi was unplanned and improvised.

Background Information
  • Encuentro Location (Montréal): Concordia University, Engineering and Visual Arts Building
Andrea Assaf and Gita Hashemi: I Am/Not Enamored Videography by Nyx Zierhut
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