Andrea Maciel: Body Manifest

cg amaciel bodymanifest enc14 0011 570pxphoto/foto: Camilo Godoy

Body Manifest

A body narrative on the latest street protests in Rio de Janeiro for the “Passe Livre” (Free Fare). After the big marches in my city, my body was engraved with images that are impossible to translate into words. This performance is a catharsis of that experience. It is an open space to share the rage of this public body, made manifest.


Andrea Maciel is a dance-performer from Brazil. Her work investigates the physical resonance of space in urban landscapes through dance, performance and installations. She has a PhD from UNIRIO on Body & City and a visiting scholarship at NYU. Currently, she is leading a postdoctoral research group “City’s body writings” at Bristol University.

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Andrea Maciel: Body Manifest Edited by Victor Bautista
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