Round Table: In the Wake of Student Movements

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photo/foto: Laura Bluher

Erik Bordeleau: INSURGENCE and the suspension of signification
Percy Luján: DREAM Teams and the Student Movement in New York City
Raúl Diego Rivera Hernandez: From Indignation to Mobilization: #YoSoy 132 and the Construction of Collective Affects
Rodrigue Jean: Action Cinema and the Emergence of new Forms of Life

Moderator: Kim Sawchuk


Erik Bordeleau is postdoctoral fellow at Brussels Free University and lecturer at UQAM. Author of Foucault anonymat (Le Quartanier, 2012) and of Comment sauver le commun du communisme? (Le Quartanier, 2014). Member of the Sense Lab, a collective interested in event design practices and research-creation and Épopée, an action group in cinema.

Percy Lujan is an activist and the president of the Lehman DREAM Team: one of many student organizations formed in universities across the country to tackle immigration issues. Through empowerment and advocacy, the DREAM Team seeks to educate students on methods of leadership in the struggle for fair immigration policy.

Raúl Diego Rivera Hernandez is assistant professor at the University of South Carolina. His research explores the representation of global violence through narratives of feminicides and drug trafficking in Mexico, xenophobia and racial violence in Spain, and social movements in Latin America.

Rodrigue Jean is a film director, writer and producer, as well as founder of Transmar Films. He is a member of activist cinema collective Épopée. Their web project EPOPEE.ME is a collaboration with drug users and sex workers, which presents a mix of fiction and documentary, and aims to bring the excluded to the center of political discourse.

Kim Sawchuk is a Professor and Concordia University Research Chair in Mobile Media Studies, Concordia University, and a co-founder of Studio XX. She is intrigued by the creative and political potential of new media and is known for her many articles on methods as a creative practice, her pedagogical performances, and her commitment to students.

Background Information
  • Encuentro Location (Montréal): Concordia University, Henry F. Hall Building
  • Date: June 26, 2014
In the Wake of Student Movements Edited by Victor Bautista