...Qué s(c)iento volando? (1988) Photo/Foto: HIDVL
  • Title: ...Qué s(c)iento volando?
  • Holdings: video (HIDVL)
  • Duration: 01:08:58
  • Language: Spanish
  • Date: 1988
  • Location: Jardín Botánico, San Juan, Puerto Rico
  • Type-Format: play, performance
  • Cast: Irene Rivera, Dinorah Marzán, Miguel Zayas, Javier Cardona, Javier Rodríguez, Ita Venegas, Alejandra Martorell, Celso Díaz, Ovie Torres, Laura López, Astrid Roldán, Antonio Martorell, Miguel Villafañe.
  • Credits: University of Puerto Rico, producer ; Rosa Luisa Márquez, producer, director ; based on a text by Jean-Claude Carrière ; Ana Lydia Vega, text adaptation ; Antonio Martorell, artistic collaborator, set & props ; Dinorah Marzán, music director ; Checo Cuevas, set ; Teatro Rodante, costumes, props & masks.

...Qué s(c)iento volando? (1988)

This video documents the play ...qué c(s)iento volando?, a collective creation piece directed by Márquez in collaboration with Puerto Rican visual artist Antonio Martorell and their "Teatreros Ambulantes" students from the University of Puerto Rico. Based on Jean-Claude Carrière's text "The Conference of the Birds" (based, in turn, on a Persian myth), and translated unto Spanish by renowned Puerto Rican writer Ana Lydia Vega, the play revolves around the hardships and the search for happiness at play in the journey of Caribbean immigrants, from Africa to the West Indies to New York.