Donde el viento hace buñuelos (2004)
  • Title: Donde el viento hace buñuelos
  • Holdings: program, video (HIDVL)
  • Duration: varies
  • Language: Spanish
  • Date: 1 May 2004
  • Location: Jardín Botánico, Río Piedras, Puerto Rico.
  • Type-Format: play
  • Cast: Charo Francés, Rosa Luisa Márquez, María Pilar Aponte ; Arístides Vargas, introducer.
  • Credits: University of Puerto Rico, producer ; Suda-k-ribe, producer ; Rosa Luisa Márquez, producer ; Arístides Vargas, director, writer ; Antonio Martorell, set design ; María Pilar Aponte, music ; Miguel Villafañe, videographer ; Gerson Guerra, Checo Cuevas, Ariel Cuevas, set & lighting ; Carola García, stage manager.

Donde el viento hace buñuelos (2004)

For additional information, see Donde el viento hace buñuelos (2004) under Malayerba.

Donde el Viento Hace Buñuelos crystallizes an ongoing collaboration process between Ecuadorian theater ensemble Grupo de Teatro Malayerba and Puerto Rican artists Rosa Luisa Márquez and Antonio Martorell. Collaboratively created through the improvisational input of actresses María del Rosario "Charo" Francés and Rosa Luisa Márquez, the directorial and dramaturgical vision of Arístides Vargas, and the visual and spatial transformations of Antonio Martorell, "Buñuelos" portrays the multiple encounters of two friends in time and space. Between life and death, memories and games, Catalina and Miranda weave their relationship, a virtual motherland amidst political and emotional exile. Music by Puerto Rican artist María Pilar Aponte (who performs an enigmatic character, an Angel of Death of sorts) complements their journey.




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